A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Organic

There are so many reasons to switch to organic

Maybe you're a mom-to-be or nursing and want to reduce your baby's exposure to pesticide residues in the food you eat. Maybe you have a growing toddler and are looking for safe, high-quality, and healthy snacks they'll actually eat.

Maybe you're starting to live on your own and want to make sustainable food choices.

Or perhaps something about our food system has you concerned, and you’re ready to make some different choices.

Whatever your life stage, we know there are so many blogs, videos, tips, tricks and hacks out there, which means switching to organic can be intimidating if you try to go all-in right away.

Thankfully, you don’t have to change everything to make a difference! This might surprise you coming from an organic farm like Rita's Farm, but we’re big fans of the baby steps method. We know people are more likely to stick with an organic lifestyle if they start slow and with familiar foods.

So here are our tips for easing into organic food with just a few big-impact choices.

But first we want to say…

Thank You!

Your decision to choose organic, even just one product, means you’re supporting farming that keeps toxic pesticides off the land and out of our bodies. Farming that pays farmers well for their hard work to give us delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Also farming that believes animals deserve time outdoors, fresh air, sunshine, and green grass. You’re pretty great, and we appreciate you.

#1: Start with the foods you eat the most.

Could your family justify having its own cow and/or chickens? Will your kids only eat vegetables if they’re drowned in ketchup or cheese?

Start with these easy choices! Organic Fruits, Vegetables, Milk, Eggs and Cheese are protein-rich staples in just about every household, regardless of kid-status, age, or income. For produce, at first, simply swap one or two of the fruits and vegetables you eat a lot of.

There’s no need right now to get hung up on obscure ingredients, condiments, or one-time-use items. That said, go for the organic, low-sugar ketchup, if you want — for those picky eaters, it might truly be their only contribution to a certain food group. No judgement here!]

#2: Think about the meals you prepare frequently.

Maybe you pack lunches for everyone in the family every day. Choosing organic bread, sliced cheese and a piece of organic fruit or salad is an easy option. We’re big fans of Rita's Farm because they have tons of delicious options for Organic Fruits and Vegetables and they genuinely care about environment, land, people and communities; and because they’re found pretty much every organic markets and shops.

#3: Start with what’s available at your usual store or think about convenient Online shopping.

The staples above — organic milk, eggs, cheese, bread, etc. — plus decent selections of organic produce are available just about everywhere these days. Plus, sticking with whatever is available at your usual store means A) you’ll be more likely to stick to your list and your budget, and B) no worries about finding time for an extra trip to another store or navigating an unfamiliar layout.

Sometimes organic foods will be off in a separate natural foods section, and sometimes they’ll be mixed into the regular aisles. That's true that, you might not found a lot of organic produces in stores as they are not fast moving items as like conventional produces. Here it comes online platforms (like us, Shop(<>)Wide - powered by www.aladinschirag.com.au). We have partnered with Certified Organic Producers around Sydney so that we can bring the most fresh produces in your home - Simply we will pick up the produce within 24 hours of the delivery direct from the Farm.

#4: Remember, organic junk food is still junk food.

A common misconception is that organic automatically means healthier, but that’s not always the case. Organic sweets are still occasional treats in our book. Although it’s really tempting to try out all the new brands you may have never seen before, use your list and discretion just like you would for any other treat (and don’t shop hungry).

It’s ok to opt for non-organic treats if you’re balancing your budget between organic and non-organic foods, but I do have to say...a pack of farm fresh organic salad mix is the best partner for any meal!

Ready to branch out?

If you’ve been eating organic for a while, you may begin to see how much love goes into making the foods you enjoy. Between the excellent care our farmers give to our nature, their attention to the environment and even their passion for renewable energy and other regenerative farming practices that leave the earth better than they found it. That’s a lot of love going into the foods that are nourishing you and your family!

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