Children in house activity during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 there is not much opportunity for children to go out. So you can do some in house activity to keep them busy and active. You can draw below Hopscotch diagrams in your balcony or courtyard with colorful crayons as like pictures or you can put numbers or letters in the boxes. You may need to show how to play and then children can follow the lead.

Children can be benefited in different ways:

  1. Learn to follow instructions
  2. Learn to follow step-by-step activities
  3. Can build muscle strength and hop hop jumping skills
  4. Learn counting with enjoyment and so on....

Traditional hopscotch: Drawing in foot placements may show your child where to place his feet and encourage him to hop or balance on one foot.

Solar System hopscotch: If your child has an interest in solar systems you can draw the hopscotch in a shape of a solar system which may engage them more in the activity.

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